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2017: A Mother’s Day “First” for Me

May 14th – Mother’s Day 2017: A Mother’s Day “First” for Me “There’s a first for everything. This is a first I’ve never look forward to. It’s my first Mother’s Day without my mother. My Mother died this past December. She was 88 years old and struggled for years with heart issues. I find it…

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New Planners are finally here.

Everyone who knows me knows that when it comes to keeping track of anything if I don’t have it written down in my planner, it’s not going to happen. I know, I know, I know, everybody tells me I should be using the calendar in my iPhone and even though I am very text savvy…

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My First Book… My Baby

My first book.  My baby.  I know I shouldn’t have a favorite but I do and this is it.  Perhaps because through this book I am able to share with you a glimpse into my world, my family and my dearest friends and mentors.  It is these women who help shape me into who I…

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A Gathering of Irish Goddesses

Here’s a pic of four of the the original five Wacky Irish Goddesses in our family — my mother, the oldest and tallest of the group with three of her sisters.  For the past several years they have gathered at my home to celebrate the season with my mom, who is not able to travel. …

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Some Companies are Just Plain Great!

In this day of over inflated value, I just want to mention a company that is the best value I have found in my business called 48hourprint.com. I started using their services back when I thought it was really extravagant to even have a business card…back then even going into business was a leap of…

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My Wacky Irish Roots

None of this is my fault. It’s genetic. I am the daughter of Colleen O’Brien who is the daughter of a leprechaun named Thomas Patrick O’Brien. Yes, you read that right — my grandfather was a real leprechaun — and so is my Aunt Cate! That explains a lot about why I’m so wacky. And…

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