Kindred Spirits Forever Wacky Friends – Hardcover Book

5.1 x 0.5 x 7.2 inches — 44 pages – Hardcover book.

Stories included:

  • Wonderful Wacky Girlfriends… That’s Us!
  • Kindred Spirits, Forever Wacky Friends
  • Anyone Who Says She Doesn’t Need a Girlfriend Just Hasn’t Found a Good One yet
  • More Than Friends… We’re Sisters by Choice!
  • Gathering of the Goddesses
  • Let’s Make Some Waves …and Really Rock the World!
  • Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of Chocolate
  • Numbers Don’t Tell You Anything About the Amazing Woman Inside
  • Put on Some Lipstick and Go Rock the World
  • Some of us were just Born with Glitter n our Veins
  • My Favorite stories always start like this: “So, My Wacky Best Friend and I…”
  • My Dear Friend, together we’ve learned that when life becomes a roller coaster, the best plan is to climb into the front seat, throw our arms in the air, and enjoy the ride!
  • LEGENDS in Our Own Minds
  • Top Ten Reasons Why You’re Such a Great Friend
  • I Really Think You Are Over-the-top amazing, and I want to tell everyone I Know
  • I’m So Grateful to Have a Friend like You
  • We Will Forever Be Friends to the End
  • It’s So Wonderful to Have a Wacky Friend Like You

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