Live a Life Worth Loving

07 - TingleBoots

My Wonderful Wacky Women have gone country. And the “TingleBoots” line is guaranteed to make your heart and toes tingle with a wacky kind of joy. With exciting colors and a country vibe, “TingleBoots” are infused with images of rural life and boots you’d be willing to sell the ranch for. Even city slickers will find a smile on their faces a spot in their hearts for boots like these.
With TingleBoots, an ordinary girls’ night out becomes “Running with My Posse” Shoe shopping notches up, too with “Life is Short: Buy the Boots” and “Boots Make Your Toes Feel Like They’re in The Country.” A country girl’s empowering mantra becomes, “Some of the best cowboys are NOT boys” and “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”
So, kick back, and let your mind drift off into the country…. and let “TingleBoots” give your heart a tingle.