Live a Life Worth Loving

03 - TingleHeart

“I’m a girlfriend-kind-of-girl. I love having women in my life. In fact, I think women who claim they don’t need a girlfriend just haven’t found a good one yet. I don’t have that problem. I am surrounded by an abundance of the most remarkable women God ever created to be my sister, mother, daughters and friends. It’s a blessing I don’t take lightly. Quite simply, having such dear women in my life makes my heart tingle. Especially one. The TingleHeart collection is dedicated to my precious friend and mentor, who died of ovarian cancer. Just before her passing, Candy made me promise to celebrate the essence of her life by continually embracing my own. I feel her presence every time I pick up a brush or sit down to write. It is my hope that the enchanted characters of TingleHeart will help you embrace the rich sisterhood of all the women in your life. And may you feel the tingle too!
8″x10″ finished outside double matted art prints with the story on the back.
These prints are ready to pop into a standard 8″x10″ frame or simple prop up in an easel on a desk or shelf. The perfect gift for and wacky friend.