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Cell Phone Covers

I lose my phone a lot. It’s a continual joke among all who know me. My wacky personality has no room to remember to put things back where they belong. When I’m done with my phone, I just let go. So, I like to have the brightest, wildest covers to help me see it when I’m running around my studio like a crazy person looking for the ringing phone. I was so excited when I had the opportunity to make my own artwork into these wild, wacky. wonderful cell phone covers. By the way, I change mine out daily to suit my moods. Bottom line…they just make my heart tingle. Or is that the vibrate on my phone going off?

Custom fit cover for your phone, snaps on, with all buttons and ports accessible, and helps protect your phone… each adorned with your favorite Suzy Design!
(Available for Galaxy S5, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 phones)