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"That Kinda Girl!" - MUGS

Move Over Horoscope’s, Zodiac’s & Birthstones… There’s Been a Birth of a Whole New Line, Cuz You’re “That Kinda Girl!”

One of the Goddesses in my group of Wonderful Wacky Women has a May birthday. And let me tell you…she is THEE Birthday Girl! She is even more nutty about her birthday that I am about mine. She celebrates all month long and I have come to associate May with her joyful personality and celebratory attitude. I wanted something special for her so I created this mug. Well, wouldn’t you know it, just as I was printing off a color proof to check it, “The Goddesses” all came bounding into my studio to take me to lunch. When they saw it they all squealed with delight and each one wanted one for their birth month too. So there you go…the birth of a whole new line.

So much better that a birthstone, flower or star that someone decided was suppose to be your thing, this is about you and a celebration that welcomes your arrival into this incredible world…because bottom line, you’re just “That Kinda Girl!”