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09 SEP_Grandparents Day

I had the world’s best grandmother… I know, you do too. (Hey, maybe we’re related!) My “Grandma Suzy” was the most wonderful example of kindness, gentility and compassion I’ve ever witnessed. And at the same time, she made me laugh. I loved the way she’d make me sugar sandwiches and potato chip cookies (I know, weird! But it’s a combination of a wonderful memory and acquired taste.) But more than anything, I loved the way she listened to me as if what I had to say was important…even if I was rambling on about something off the wall. She taught me, through her example, the kind of Grandma Suzy I want to be.

So click on through and read the stories that tell how great our grandmas are. Just grab a box of Kleenex and feel the tingle!