SOLD OUT –2024 – 12″ x 12″ (LARGE) Live Your Best Life Yet! Wall Calendar – by Suzy Toronto

(with Glitter and/or  Gems options available)

You are the architect of your destiny.

Open your heart and mind to the magnificent possibilities

that await you and build something extraordinary.

Choose to make 2024 you best year yet!

Months included are:

Wonderful Wacky Ways to Live Your Best Life Yet!

Within You are the Seeds of Greatness

Shhh… Never Miss an Opportunity to Say Nothing!

My Favorite Kind of Serious Nothing: Surfing Dogs

Embrace Happiness

It’s Never Too Late to Stand Up, Square Up & Start Over

It’s Time for Us Cute Little Ducks to Otter-Out

But I Like Being a Drama Queen!

10 Ways to Change Your Life & Expand Your World

We are not merely passengers on Space Earth… we are her crew

The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts to feel like one

I am Capable of Wildly Magnificent Things!





12″ x 12″ (LARGE) 2024 Calendar –by Suzy Toronto

(with Glitter and/or  Gems options available)


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Weight 15.5 oz
Gem and/or Glitter Enhancement

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