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Being with my Daughter - Travel Mug

Being with my Daughter – Travel Mug


Product Description

16oz insulated travel mug

-bright and colorful, with full story on back

-screw top lid with thumb-slide drink spout

-16 oz hot or cold liquid capacity, insulated

-hand wash only, DO NOT MICROWAVE


Full text reads:

Being with my Daughter

The first time I held you in my arms I never wanted to let you go.

I knew that very moment my heart would forever be intertwined with yours.

It was easy to hold on tight when you were a child.

I wanted to protect you from the threatening menaces of the unknown deep.

But I knew that I would soon have to loosen my grip and let you swim away.

In later years, I struggled as you ventured off alone into the dangerous currents of life.

Although they lured you into uncharted waters, you drifted with a youthful curiosity as your found your own way.

Even though my fingers let go, my heart never did.

Now, you have grown into a magnificent creature. You have strength and resilience…wit and wisdom.

You are no longer lured by the trends of the world, but rather swim confidently in the direction of your own dreams.

Always know this my daughter: my heart will never let go. It never has…it never will.


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