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Country Boots - Travel Tumbler

Country Boots – Travel Tumbler


Product Description

16oz insulated travel mug

-bright and colorful, with full story on back

-screw top lid with thumb-slide drink spout

-16 oz hot or cold liquid capacity, insulated

-hand wash only, DO NOT MICROWAVE

Full story on back:
Boots make your toes feel like they’re in the country

Some of us are lucky enough to live the country life, while others only get to visit.

Regardless, there are times when we all must pretend to tolerate the city even though our hearts know better.

It is essential to own a pair of the cutest most irresistibly adorable pair of boots to get us through just such a predicament.

All we need to do is slip them on and click our heels.

In the blink of an eye we could then be transported to a majestic mountain retreat…

a prarie with amber waves of grain…

or a red rock, desert mesa.

The trials of being away from our beloved country life could be instantly soothed.

Our hearts are blissfully lifted away by our toes being caressed by the soft supple leather of a rockin hot pair of wacky, western boots.

With a power like that, wacky western boots could easily become the new dress standard.

Bottom line: boots really do make your toes feel like you’re in the country.


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