Crazy Brave & Wicked Strong -- sometimes it's your only choice! - 2022 Calendar (12 x 12) - SOLD OUT

If you are contemplating getting one, NOW would be the time to order your today.  (We are down to our last batch of Large Calendar)

12″ x 12″ – 12 month, 2022 calendar

Titles for each month (Jan – Dec) are included:

  • Crazy brave Wicked Strong
  • Maybe It’s Time to Rewrite the Script
  • Fear Is just a Reaction… Courage Is a Really Brave Choice
  • Define You Bucket List NOW…
  • Imagine the very best possible version o you… that’s who you really are!
  • When Live Gives You a Second Chance, Take It!
  • You Can’t Be Both Pitiful & Powerful… the Choice is Always Yours
  • One Person Can Do So Much… Be the One!
  • It Costs Nothing to Dream… and Everything Not To
  • What Was I Thinking?? A Beautiful Day Begins with a Beautiful Mindset
  • Never Underestimate the Power of Bad Cellular Service
  • Fierce, Proud, Steadfast, & True



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If you’re anything like me, some days life feels like a test… and you’re the only one who didn’t study. But have you ever met a strong person with an easy past? I haven’t. The truth is that today’s challenges always become tomorrow’s strengths. And sometimes, to power through those wild and wacky roller coaster rides, approaching life Crazy Brave & Wicked Strong is your only option!

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