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Foolish Things - Porcelain Mug
Foolish Things – Porcelain Mug 2Foolish Things – Porcelain Mug 3

Foolish Things – Porcelain Mug

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Product Description

Take your morning sip from a wacky new mug featuring one of the colorful and creative designs by Suzy Toronto. Each mug holds 12 fluid oz.
Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

Full Text on Mug:

Foolish Things
In our efforts to masquerade as people who
have their act together, blunders,
and faux pas often slip out.  
Sometimes these missteps are so unforgettable
they take on a life of their own.
This is when laughing at ourselves
becomes a lifesaving virtue. By embracing
our mistakes and making the best of the
situation, we can then easily move on.
So next time your inner “goofball” slips out,
muster up all the wacky energy you possess,
throw your arms in the air,
and give the world a cross-eyed smile!
After all, we may do foolish things,
but at least we do them with enthusiasm!
©Suzy Toronto

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Weight 0.06875 oz
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