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Gathering of the Irish Goddesses- Travel Tumbler

Gathering of the Irish Goddesses- Travel Tumbler


Product Description

16oz insulated travel mug
MSRP: $14.99

-bright and colorful, with full story on back

-screw top lid with thumb-slide drink spout

-16 oz hot or cold liquid capacity, insulated

-hand wash only, DO NOT MICROWAVE

Full text reads:

Gathering of the Irish Goddesses

It is a known face that goddesses attract other goddesses.

You know, “Birds of a feather…”

But the really cool thing is that quite often they flock together long before they reach their true lofty status of “goddess”

giving their friendships the depth only time can give.

By the time they become goddesses they’ve been gathering together for so long

giving, sharing, loving and caring,

that they know intimate details about one another’s lives…

making their bond unbreakable.

Whether shopping, going out to lunch, lounging over pedicures,

or sitting on the beach, a gathering of the goddesses can’t be missed.

Just listen for the buzz of frienship, the tears of shared sorrows,

and the fits of irrepresible laughter.

You’ll know in minute you’re in the presence of greatness.

©2004 Suzy Toronto


Additional Information

Weight 16 oz


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