2023 LARGE - Be the One Who Decided to Go For It! Choose to live your dreams - (12 x 12) Calendar - (LAST ONES)

12″ x 12″ – 12 month, 2023 calendar

Titles for each month (Jan – Dec) are included:

  • Be the One who Decided to Go For It!
  • Stop calling it a dream… Start Making a Plan
  • Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open!
  • You’re Always One Decision Away from a Totally Different Life
  • Irrepressible Laughter in the Face of Adversity Is the Finest Sound There Is
  • Eat Sunshine for Breakfast and you’ll Beam Radiantly All Day
  • Shoot Down the Slide for the Ride of Your Life
  • Set Sail Towards Your Wildest Dreams
  • If you only pray when you’re in trouble… you’re in trouble!
  • Life can Be Messy… But it can still Be Good
  • Do I Have Too Many Penguins on My Head? (or is My Iceberg Just Melting?)
  • Look For Joy… Find Your Bliss



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If there was ever a time to embrace your passions,

and make your dreams a reality, that time is now.

Be the one who decided to “go for it!”

Start living your best life to its very fullest today.

Ready, set, go!

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