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Making Waves To Wipe Out Ovarian Cancer

June 2015

428Surf’s Up
Are You Ready To Ride This Wave With Me?
September 26, 2015
Perdido Key Florida

OK, so it’s that time of year again when the Wonderful Wacky Women are fixing to whip up a tidal wave to wipe out Ovarian Cancer. And this year’s event is set to be bigger and better than ever. Seriously, can anyone think of a better excuse to drop what they’re doing, head to the sunny Florida/Alabama coast with hundreds of other wonderful wacky women and have more fun than anyone should be allowed? And while enjoying the sugar sand beaches, the amazing seafood, and the casual beach town ambiance, you’ll be helping to raise money to wipe out Ovarian Cancer. Saying you’re not in shape is no excuse. If you don’t want to tackle the 4 mile walk/run you can easily stroll the one mile course with those of us who are there to practice the art of the southern, leisurely saunter. Whether you come dressed for a serious or a wacky race , I promise you’ll have a great time. See details below. You can also go to the following websites to see this information
Ready to Make Waves?
To register for the race go to:

Join Me As We Make Waves to Wipe Out Ovarian Cancer.

Let The Fun Begin!

Plans are in full gear and the women are starting to gather for the 6th Wonderful Wacky Women Making a Difference Race on September 26th.. Our goal for 2015 is to wipe out Ovarian Cancer with a tidal wave of Wonderful Wacky Women running, walking, dancing and crawling across the finish line — because lives really do depend on it. I’ll be there with bells on, pushing that wave with all I’ve got. Will you join me?


Held on the shores of Perdido Key, Florida, right where Florida kisses Alabama, the beaches are spectacular, the shopping and restaurants are fun and the support from the local community is amazing.

A quick geography lesson: Perdidio Key is just off the coast of Pensacola, FL — not in the lower Florida keys like Key West. It is sometimes referred to as the Gulf Coast, the Florida Panhandle or Redneck Riviera. I just call it “Heaven.”

The fun begins here:

Tuesday, September 22 at 6:30PM
Dinner at Ginny Lane at The Wharf

For those arriving early in the week to soak up some sun, we’ll start our gathering with a fun and funky dinner at Ginny Lane Bar and Grill. (My mouth is already watering for their Blackened Grouper topped with crab meat.) We realize this is early in the week but we can’t wait to get the fun started. To make transportation easier we’ll all pile onto the Flora-Bama bus at 6pm.

Wednesday, September 23 6:30 PM
Wacky Wednesday at the Flora Bama.

Silent Auction & Tingleheart BOOT party.

Here I am with Jimmie Sue Walters…the President and Over-the-Top Wacky Woman in charge of this magnificent event, all decked our in our wacky regalia.

We will all be wearing our rockin’ hot Tingleboots and killer hats to kick off the event.

In past years, some of the Wacky Women bought boots for which they practically had to sell the ranch to buy. But most of us just dig through our closet to find a pair of western boots we are ready to discard and paint and doodle them up ourselves. For more on what we did, just email me and I’ll send you the tricks and how-to.

Our boots, wacky clothes and hats always bring lots of claps and laughs from local patrons. They swarm the place just to get a look at us and buy up all the fabulous items at our silent auction. (Who knows,we might even get someone to donate another $1,000. Yes, this has happened at the Flora Bama last year when a visitor was so impressed by us Wacky Women he wrote out a check and handed it to us on the spot.) Get started working on your hat and boots now. There will be plenty of prizes and lots of pictures.

Oh, my goodness, I missed one of the best parts. As if the Over the Top Amazing Silent Auction and all us wacky women in full wacky regailia isn’t enough, we enjoy live music by the Smokin’ Elvis’. Who are the Smoking Elvis’? Well, they are Wonderful Wacky Women Elaine Petty and Rhonda Hart joined by the sweetest bass gee-tar picker ever, Mr. Doug) This trio has been serenading us since year one, 7 years ago. (Sweet guy Doug even dons his teal tutu for the event.) Their music is incredible, and they totally rock the house with their tunes. You will be a diehard fan right from the very first note.

This is one of my favorite nights of the entire year…not just Wacky Women Race Week. You sure DO NOT want to miss out on this evening of music,fun and laughs)

Thursday, September 24 6:00PM-8:00PM
Wonderful Wacky Women Giving Our Warrior Heroes a Luau at Eden

71cfec0d-6e34-4a49-8e73-00c6fee21da7Come join us for a Pool Party Luau at Eden Condominiums… that fabulous Condominium complex that looks like a magnificent crusie ship. There we honor our Warrior Heroes. The Warriors are gathering at the Eden for a retreat, and this is our way of saying thanks. (We Wacky Women will do anything for a party!) All wacky women are invited to come join us poolside, enjoy the sunset and lavish in the balmy Florida evening weather at Eden Condominiums.

By the way, the Eden Condominiums are the home base lodging for our event and are on the shores of the most beautiful beach this side of heaven. As everyone knows, a day at in the sun is my favorite thing in the history of forever. You’ve heard of the famous powdered sugar sand and balmy waters. Now you can experience it first hand as we spend the day on the beach. How can anyone not love sitting in the sand, and watching the dolphins? So join me… catch the gulf breezes in your hair and enjoy this slice of paradise as we honor our Warrior Heroes.

Friday, September 25
LuLu’s Homeport for Lunch
(10:30 a.m. for Bus… 11:00 at Lulu’s)

Lulu’s Homeport is home to the the amazing chef/ entrepreneur, and all around wonderful, wacky, woman Lucy Buffett. (In these parts her brother, Jimmy Buffett introduces himself to everyone as Lucy’s brother and not the other way around.) The seafood is amazing with lots of local favorites. I’m gonna order a dish of L.A. Caviar for myself…and BTW… that’s L.A. as in Lower Alabama, not that hotsy-totsy city of angels out west. The atmosphere, music and fun are everything you want lunch to be with the girls.

5:00 p.m. – 6:30 pm
Packet Pick-up at Flora Bama – tent area.

Early registration starts this evening at the Flora Bama at 5:00-6:30PM for those wishing to avoid the morning rush. I’ll be hanging out there so stop by and say hello.


Saturday, September 28 — Race Day
“Making Waves to Wipe Out Ovarian Cancer” Four Mile Walk/Run and One Mile Fun Walk. The cost is $100 per person with discounts rates for Ovarian Cancer survivors, those 18 years old and younger and active military families. 100% of the fee goes directly to our cause Beneficiaries this year are Sacred Hearts Medical Center of Pensacola, FL and USA Mitchel Cancer Institute of Mobile, AL

Go to to register.

Sign up as a solo runner/walker, or get together with a team of five or more for a 20% discount. The captain of the team must first register the team online. Then each individual can register as a runner, walker, or fun walker on their team.

And like last year this race includes not only the Wonderful Wacky Women but also all those Mighty Men who Love Us!

9:15 a.m

Gathering at the Flora Bama for early morning warm ups under the direction of those wacky women from Jazzercise’s “Wonderful Wacky Women With Attitudes”


9:30 a.m
The Race Begins

The race starts our with some of the Mighty Men on motorcycles leading in formation to honor past Mighty Man, Wayne Cavalier as they honor and celebrate our wounded Warrior Heroes. The first wave to then hit the pavement are the Runners as they start the race. They are followed by a second wave of walkers. As much fun and excitement as it is to have the start of the race, one of my favorite things to watch is the racers as they run, dance, saunter, skip and crawl across the finish line. That’s because they are run in by groups of the most adorable hunky marines you have ever seen. And last year we had a couple of Wonderful Wacky Women Marines who were as cute as a button that joined us too. These girls ran their hearts out and cheered everyone. And those fine young men and women will be here again this year.

10:30-ish as the last racers start to run, walk, skip across the finish line, we all start to “Party Like There’s No More Cancer” as we gather at the Flora Bama. Lunch is served to all the racers. Winners are announced and awards given.

To Register for the RaceEntertainment provided by:
Smokin’ Elvis(Elaine Petty and Rhonda Hart and Doug Habenna)

Food by:
Mike & Trish Martin;

Beer provided by:
Lewis Bear Co.

More questions, please contact Jimmie Sue Walters at 850.525.1975 or
Its very important to note that there may be slight changes in this schedule due to weather, scheduling and simply our all over wackiness. But bottom line is that it promises to be a fun week. Join us for all or part of it but just come! I’ll be at every event. I can’t wait to see you.

Travel and Lodging Info For The Big Wave.

Where in the Heck is Perdido Key?

355Air Travel:
First of all, for those of you flying in, Pensacola (PNS) is your airport.  Perdido Key is about 35 minutes straight toward the water.  Easy Peasy.

The Eden Condominiums are the home base lodging for our event and are on the shores of the most beautiful beach this side of heaven.

Eden Condominiums is offering us some fabulous deals that will allow you and your group of friends to have a great place to stay. With the base rate of $159, it’s a great deal.  Just so you can  plan your pennies, with all the taxes and fees, here is the bottom line:
One Bedroom Condo for 3 nights for $617.30
Two Bedroom condo for 3 nights $736.39

Coupon code is Wild Wacky

This Piece of heaven is located at

6281 Perdido Key Drive
Pensacola, FL 32507
T: 850.492.3336 | F: 850.492.4205

So join me at Eden Condominiums… catch the gulf breezes in your hair and enjoy this slice of paradise.

There are all kinds of wonderful hotels and condos as well through the internet. Anything on Perdido Key, FL or Orange Beach, AL…anything around there is a great location! With the Flora-Bama as our hub for the event you can use that as a google maps address for locating just about anything.

The Chamber of Commerce is one of our Presenting Sponsor and has helped so much in supporting the wonderful wacky women. Please visit their site for all sorts of fun info on the area, local places to visit and establishment to enjoy while here on the Key.

ThingsTo Do!

Did I mention going to the beach?

You may have noticed that we gave y’all a lot of free time during the days, with the parties mostly at night. This is because there are so many amazing things to do on the Gulf Coast.  My favorite is to plant myself in the sand and do some very serious nothing. Every free moment I get I will either be on the beach or pool at Eden Condominiums. So if you want some ideas of what to do, you can start here.

Factory Outlets in Foley, AL
Naval Air Museum (Truly worth the visit and free!)   

Perdido Key  
Chamber of Commerce 
These people know everything about everyone and every business on the Key! They are a tremdous source of info on fun stuff.Go to their website or give them a call. They are just waiting to hear from you.  (850)492-4660

Be a Virtual Runner from Home

Amy Weir of Bentonville, AR crossing the finish line. But you don’t have to be there to help make waves. You can be a virtual runner from home. Here’s how:

Virtual Runners
If you can’t make it this year, you can still support the cause. For just $35 you can sign up as a virtual runner. No shoes, no exercise, no work. Just sit at home, fix yourself something cool to sip on and channel all your energy our direction. Better yet, why not throw your own “Party Like There’s No More Cancer?”  Invite your friends over, dress up in teal tutu’s, tootsies and tiaras and make the whole group virtual runners.

(Nothing better than having fun and doing good at the same time.)We’ll send you a race shirts so you can joining in the bragging rights and say you helped make waves to wipe out Ovarian cancer with the Wonderful Wacky Women

Click here to sign up!

Contact Us For Event Info

6b418a4b-0543-4419-baf4-027cc852d52cTeals, Aquas, Blues and Turquoise…
the colors of the balmy, warm waters of the gorgeous gulf coast. How appropriate that they are the colors we use to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer

Jimmie Sue Walters 
President of the Redneck Riviera Chapter of Wonderful Wacky Women 
T: 850.525.1975 

Eden Condominiums 
Our Home Base for Lodging 
T: 850.492.3336
F :850.492.4205  

Perdido Key  Chamber of Commerce 

The People who know everything about everyone and every business on the Key! 
T: 850.492.4660

To Register for the Race

More Info and Updates

Please say “I Noticed!”

Suzy Toronto

I want to personally thank some special sponsors who have reached deep into their pockets and their hearts to support the Redneck Riviera Wonderful Wacky Women. Their kindness, generosity and help is not unnoticed. Below is a list of our Presenting Sponsors. If you happen to run into any of these fine companies, please make a point to say “I noticed.”

Sunny 105.7FM
Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce
Wind Creek Casino & Hotel
Firefighters Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club.

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