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Suzy Toronto

I love my life. It’s a wild, wacky, wonderful roller coaster of a ride full of fun and laughter. And, like yours, it’s also jammed with jolting ups and downs, sharp turns, and inside-out loops that make my head spin.

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When it comes to color I tend to have an opinion.  There are times I want my world splashed with every conceivable color there is. Then there are other times when I think maybe I do want a few things to match. So I’m giving you options. For a limited time you can get a set of my six most popular coasters.  There are 2 set to choose from. Pick a color and have the background all the same.  Choose from Sunshine Yellow, Caribbean Aqua, Meadow Green, Peony Pink, Pops if Periwinkle or Positively PurpleAnd you get all six for the great introductory price of $20

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