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Suzy with ADVENTURE NecklaceGraduation or retirement? 

Next Chapter of Your Life:


Congratulate the graduate or honor a retiree by opening their heart to the possibilities that await them. My “Life is an Adventure” Collection is the perfect way to remind them that life is full of possibilities as you  encourage them onward towards the next chapter of their life.

Artist ProofsArtist Proofs – going fast!

That’s correct! We have found some Extremely Rare, One-Of-A-Kind items. These are Artist Proofs that would be considered the very first produced statue of that particular design AND they are all autographed by Suzy Toronto herself with a certificate of authenticity.  Hurry, only a few left and when they are gone, they are GONE!

Lost treasures have been found in the warehouse & are going quick!

Now here is a rare find indeed. These statues / figurines have been unavailable for years and now like a rare archeological find… Here they are!!!  If you follow Suzy on FB you found out last week, if not… go follow her now and get other notifications on rare items that Rob is able to locate over the next few coming weeks.

Greeting Cards & Tumblers each month to celebrate your favorite Birthday Girl!