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I love my life. It’s a wild, wacky, wonderful roller coaster of a ride full of fun and laughter. And, like yours, it’s also jammed with jolting ups and downs, sharp turns, and inside-out loops that make my head spin.

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2021  Calendars !

This years theme couldn’t be more appropriate. With all that is going on in the world, now more than ever we need to grab hold and embrace happiness. (Let it be your new “make-up” you wear in Quarantine!) Like every year, last year they sold out early! And this year the printing is very limited. So y’all need to get them now so you don’t have to called me up whining only to hear my say “I told ya so!” (Oh yes, you know who you are!!!!! )

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My Small 7.5″ MINI Calendars Are Back In Stock!

Our first shipment sold out in 9 day. But my cute UPS guy just brought me a second box Monday night. This Stumble Calendar is the SMALL one… our mini 7.5″ x 7.5″. I  got one box of these in this shipment & crossing my fingers I get more!

Click Here to see what the inside looks like. 

The Planners are in too!

We also received a few of these in with this shipment of calendars.  We expect this first run to sell through and we do have a second order already placed but right now things are crazy and we dont have a ship date on the next batch. So if you are a diehard planner fan, I think you need to grab these now!   Click Here to see what the inside looks like. 

Six Wonderful Wacky Ways to Share Your Love

(…and they ship for FREE!)

When you don’t have the words, let me help!

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My Favorite Pass-Along card of the Week:

Life is All About

How You Handle Plan B

I love to pass put these inspiring, uplifting and empowering little cards. I can literally watch people’s faces light up. I especially like giving them to grumpy people to turn their day around! But the funniest part is that my efforts to brighten up their world instantly illuminate my own. You’ll get 24 cards, 4 each of 6 different designs. They come in one of my “Cutest Boxes in the History of Forever” and are perfect to keep on your desk to enclose in letter writing or ready for gifting!  (Click Here to Order)