Live a Life Worth Loving

My Father’s Day present to my husband… the father of my children.

As much as I travel, there’s no place like home. And there’s no one I’d rather be with than my sweetheart. We have both now come to realize because of our travels, our busy schedule, and our wonderful wacky life that home is whenever and wherever we are together. I created this mug just for my honey. But the words are appropriate for whoever the love of your life is. The back of this mug says:
I used to think home with the place…
a roof over my head
and a place to hang my coat.
A safe haven from life’s storm.
But I was wrong.
Because when I looked up,
right there in the middle of all my chaos,
you were standing by my side,
holding not only my heart
but my whole soul within your loving embrace.
In that moment I realized that you are my home,
and you are my safe place.
It’s all you.
You are all my tomorrows as well as all my today’s.
If I am with you, my love, I truly am home. And everything I’ve NEVER done,
I only want to do… with you!
The bottom line is that, like the famous quote says, “There’s no place like home”


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