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Quilt / Fabric Collection

Technically, I am not a “quilter.” I am a fabriholic and a piece-maker. By the time I get done playing with my hoard (Yes, I admit I do have what some might consider a hoard) of fabrics and piecing them all into a quilt top, I get distracted by more fabric and start another one before I get the first one actually quilted. If you are into this time honored, work-of-our-hands hobby, you know what I’m saying. When it comes to quilting, we all have our areas of passion. Mine is traditional Hawaiian Applique work as well as some dabbling into both Seminole Piecing and Crazy (or as I say Wacky) Quilts. (Yes, I know, my favs are all over the quilting spectrum!) My quilt collection of art and stories reflects my love and appreciation of the art, skill, history and legacy of quilting. Enjoy.