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Wonderful Wacky Women - Collection

The Wonderful Wacky Women concept began almost three decades ago with my 8-year-old son, who is adopted. One day he innocently asked, “Mommy, Who is she that grew me in her tummy?” Wanting to answer, but not knowing much, I replied, “I’ll draw you a picture of her.” I sketched out “She Who is With Child” and patterned it after myself that day, right down to my untamed hair and bare feet. I wanted him to think he was no better off and no worse off — he was just with the mom God wanted him to have. I left the character faceless to allow him to imagine what she looked like. It satisfied him, and he went on with his child’s play. Today, my son Chase is, without a doubt, my biggest fan. Here’s fun pic of the two of as he took me for an airplane ride. (Did I ever mention that the challenge of giving your kids wings is that they have a tendency to fly away? Today Chase and his wife have a very successful design and architecture firm specializing in designing public spaces called Dynamic Architectural Interiors. They are the only ones of my five grown children that live here in Florida with their two kids I affectionately call “Cupcake” and “The Meatball”