(PRE-ORDER) The World Is Ready for Your Magic. It’s Time to Turn it On – 2025 LARGE 12″x12″ Calendar

(Glitter and/or Gems are available)

LARGE 12″x12″ 2025 Calendar PRE-ORDER

Scheduled for shipping in July 2024.

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(with Glitter and/or  Gems options available)

Within each of us is the power to create a life worth loving.

You do not have to be a magician. It doesn’t require you to master

twitching your nose, carrying a wand, or pulling a penguin out of your hat.

The magic is already within you… you are the magic.

Choose to make 2025 the year you turn it on!

Months included are:

It’s Time to Turn On Your Magic

Be President of Your Own Fan Club

Fear Is Just a Reaction… Courage Is a Really Brave Choice

What Was I Thinking? A beautiful Day Begins with a Beautiful Mindset

When Everyone Zigs… Zag!

Almost anything will work better if you Unplug It for a few minutes… including you!

Do I Have Too Many Penguins on My Head? (or is my iceberg just melting?)

Passion & Spontaneity Top Technique & Expertise Every Time

Seek What Sets Your Soul on Fire

Wonderful Wacky Ways to Embrace The Enchanted Goddess Who Dwells Within You

Never Let Yourself Be Defined by Someone Else’s Opinion… Know Who You Are

Fierce, Proud, Steadfast & True

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