My Son, I Love You Forever, for Always, and No Matter What! – (Mighty Men) Hardcover Book

5.1 x 0.5 x 7.2 inches –44 pages – Hardcover book.

Stories included:

  • My Son, I Love You… Forever for Always and No Matter What!
  • You’re More Than My Son… You’re Also My Friend
  • I Really Wish I Could Give You A Great Bug Hug
  • Wonderful Wacky Words… Wisdom for My Son
  • Once Upon a Time, I Was Your Hero… Now You’re Mine
  • You Are the World’s Greatest Son
  • Seeing you become such a confident, resilient, and extraordinary man is one of the Greatest Joys of My Life…
  • How to Live a Life Worth Loving Just Stop, Listen, and Learn
  • Defeat is Not an Option
  • Make 5,372 epic Mistakes on purpose!
  • It’s OK to Grab a Tiger by the Tail… Even If You Don’t Know What to Do Next!
  • Words of Wisdom for Guys to Live By
  • I Have Faith in You
  • The Sky is NOT the Limit! (I’m pretty sure there are footprints on the moon)
  • I Am So Very Proud of You
  • You’ll Always Be a Part of Me
  • My Son… I Love You and I Believe in You


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This heartwarming keepsake book is filled with words of wisdom and encouragement to remind your son of the incredible man he has become. Suzy’s colorful and fun-filled illustrations add to the charm of this heart-tingling collection that every parent will want to give to their son to let him know that you will always believe in him and that you love him forever, for always, and no matter what.

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