Pretending to Be a Normal Person Day After Day Is Exhausting (LIMITED QUANTITY) – Hardcover Book

5.1 x 0.5 x 7.2 inches — 44 pages – Hardcover book.

Stories included:

  • Pretending to Be a Normal Person Day After Day Is Exhausting
  • Wanted: NO REGRETS
  • Life Is Too Short to Wear Pantyhose!
  • Always Color Outside the Lines
  • When Everyone Zigs… Zag!
  • Rise by Lifting Others no hot air required!
  • We may do foolish things… but we do them with enthusiasm!
  • There are no limits to the silly things I can accomplish when I’m supposed to be doing something else
  • Becoming An Adult Is the Dumbest Thing I ever Did
  • Let’s Make Some Waves …and Really Rock the World!
  • Trust Your Crazy Ideas
  • Art Does Not Have to Match Your Sofa
  • An Invisible Crown: Don’t leave home without it!
  • …But I Like Being a Drama Queen!
  • Age is Nothing but a State of Mind
  • When Life Gives You a Second Chance… Take It!
  • It’s OK to Grab a Tiger by the Tail… Even If You Don’t Know What to Do Next!
  • Are You a Wild, Wonderful Woman? Take the Test and Find Out…


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Suzy Toronto puts an end to thinking you have to be, act, or look a certain way in order to fit in. Life is too short for that and, besides, it’s exhausting trying to be something you’re not day after day!

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