The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women (book two) - Hardcover Book

The book has a hard bound cover with 107 full-color pages. It is wrapped with a brilliant, eye-catching presentation dust jacket. There are eleven chapters including more than a dozen images and matching story. They are followed by a few pages of the true story of the woman behind each image. Then, just to spice things up, there is a recipe at the end of each chapter. A perfect compliment to book one.

Table of Contents

— Forward
— They Who Are More Than Friends
— She Who Makes a Difference
— She Who is a Military Wife
— She Who is a Survivor
— She Who Does Foolish Things
— She Who Never Gives Up
— She Who Loves to Travel
— She Who Loves to Shop
— She Who Reaches Out of Her Comfort Zone
— She Who Loves Shoes
— She Who Gives of Herself
— She Who Is Christmas


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Book-The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women Vol.#2

Holy moley… a second book! When you all bugged me to write the first one, I never dreamed you’d ask for a second. But after the response to the first book, it was easy to talk me into it. I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing women, who at first glance, are as ordinary as you and me. Yet because of some challenging situations in their lives, they have done some pretty extraordinary things. In the process, they changed the course of their lives and uplifted, inspired and empowered those around them. They have forever earned themselves a place of honor among The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women. Their atories deserve to be told.



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