You can wish, hope & dream…

… but ultimately you gotta make it happen.

The “forever optimist” in me is pretty excited to turn the page. The dark cloud that has hung over the entire world this past year felt like I was reading a chapter in a really depressing novel. Whoever the editor was that pushed that book through the publisher, needs to be fired! Ugh! But people everywhere have begun to rewrite the story line as businesses reopen and life starts to unfold into a “new” normal” moving forward.

A new book with a new chapter is ready for us to pen.

And I have to admit, I’m pretty excited at the prospect. Since I have always professed that life is what we make it, I’m planning on mine being a best seller for sure. For me, that means I need to set goals. Because a dream without a plan rarely happens. I’m setting both short term and long terms goals. And then I’m vowing to see them through.

I like to start with super simple short goal.

When I’m laying in bed each morning, I think of a goal I can accomplish first thing I get up while my water is boiling of my morning tea. This morning it was cleaning out my kitchen junk drawer. In less than four minutes it was done. Yay! Somedays it’s to not procrastinate making my bed?  It takes me 90 seconds…I timed it. (Seriously hubby gets up to to use the bathroom and by the time he comes back to bed, I had it made!)  My point is that I set a goal and work to do it.  Then at the end of the day, no matter what else happens or side rails me, I have made and completed goals that set me on course to a better life and creating a better me.

Join me.

Decide right now what you want your future to look like. What will this next chapter hold? I’m setting lots of  short term goals that will bite away at the big, long term ones. the biggies include health related goals, family goals, business goals and education goals. But the biggest one of all is to clean out my studio! (Creative people are rarely tidy!)

 I think I’ll start right now.

I’m tossing out a bag of Oreos (my weakness) and I’m gonna organize my top desk drawer!