Do you Dare to Be Remarkable?

Is the world a better place today because you were here?

Pretty intense, loaded question… but its one we should ask ourselves often.  Did any one life breathe easier because we lived. Did we take even one minute out the 1,440 minutes we were given this day to try to inspire, uplift or empower another human being? Are we a giver or a taker in the grand scheme of life, the universe and everything?

Can We really rise by serving others?

Since my early college days, I have always been fascinated by the idea that we rise by lifting others. When I was down in the dumps, I learned that I could rise above my sadness by making others laugh. I learned that I not only had a knack for it but it just felt good making others smile and brighten their day.

OK, So I was funny. But could I do more?

As life went on, there were many times when things became overwhelming and there simply were not enough hours in the day to do all I needed for my family and work. So I decided again to test that philosophy and lose myself in service. And it worked. In the process I learned time management and organization that served me well in life.  I found it remarkable how these scenarios kept repeating themselves over and over again throughout my life. And once I figured that out  how well it worked, I went nuts reaching out to everyone I could.

Who has time?

When I share this idea with others, I am often confronted with statements like “I can’t afford the time or energy.”  If they could only see what I’ve experienced,  they’d understand why I conclude that I can’t afford to not do it. The pay off is too great and feeling is positively euphoric!

It’s not a big deal…

Your efforts do not have to be epic. True living in not about the big things… it’s about the bazillion and one little things that make life sweet.  Start by deciding that you are going to compliment someone each day. And be specific about it. Notice what great jobs fellow employees do at their jobs. Take note of a friend with a new haircut. Sometime the smallest of comments can mean the world to someone.

Or just Say “Thanks.”

If compliments are hard for you trying gratitude. Thank everyone you can for the things they bring to my life. Give a wave to the garbage men who deal with all our waste everyday and Holler, “Thanks.” Tell the cashier at the grocery store how grateful you are that she is always so friendly and pleasant despite the pandemic she is facing every day by working.

Rise By Lifting Others.

Reaching out of your comfort zone to uplift another has the  remarkable  power to move mountains before your very eyes! You’ll quickly see in a red hot minute the difference it has in your life and in theirs. So act now. Dare to be remarkable.