Seek What Sets Your Soul on Fire… No Excuses!

For me, passion is a wonderful thing…

It lights the flames of my creativity, ignites the spark of enlightenment in my sometimes foggy brain, and forges and refines my spirit at its very core. With it, I can move mountains, right wrongs, and really change the world. (Just thinking about it makes me want to stand up and embody the whole save-the-world, warrior goddess vibe!) There is no doubt about it:the most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire


The fire can get hot!

But while its embers warms me to the idea that I can accomplish anything, the trick for me is to harness its energy so all my dreams don’t go up in smoke. Learning to control the flames in such a way that I am refined by its power—rather than consumed by it — is the key to success. But in these uncertain time, it’s easy to focus only on our “Staying Alive” gene and not on our “Grow and Live Life to its Fullest” gene!

I’ve been a bit silent.

So as many of you know I have been a bit silent in social media and blogging for last few weeks. I have been in Utah caring for my youngest daughter who chose to have a voluntary mastectomy. Her long journey has just begun. Next comes a full hysterectomy and then breast reconstruction. She is doing this as a preventive measure.

The Science of her choice:

My daughters carry the BRAC 2 gene mutation which manifests in women as Breast and Ovarian cancer. Current medical knowledge puts our girls in the 87% th percentile. This option was not available for our first daughter, who was diagnosed before she knew she carried the gene. She passed away from this cancer in January. The other two have opted to take this opportunity to live a long full life and have the surgeries. Even with that knowledge and science behind them, it doesn’t make the journey easy.

We got help!

But the experience is easier with the help of those who have already mastered it. There are a multitude of Wonderful Wacky Women who have walked through this fire before, and know some of its secrets. We have embrace their knowledge of how they rose like phoenixes from the fire. It helped and we are so grateful they shared their journey.

But our families journey with this gene is not  my point here.

What I really want to share with you is how my daughter is dealing with it. The entire journey is going to take about 18-24 weeks. That’s half a year of doctors and hospitals… about 6 months of seclusion, and no work, added on top of this whole covid mess. Limited contact and no friends visiting for her is tough as she is as much of a social person as I am. And usually such a health crisis would have her surrounded by loved ones.

Her routine:

She has decided to  take this time to learn to play the piano. (She’s always loved her sisters playing and wanted to expand her own ability)  She also wants to learn to play the Ukulele. (I’ve played it since my childhood and her three kids play.) And she wants to learn to speak Spanish. She borrowed her sons old keyboard, her daughters ukulele and found all kinds of programs and tutorials online to learn them both as well as the Spanish language.

She has decided to move slow.

(Passion does not require speed, only commitment.)  It will be one new note, one new chord and one new word a day, five days a week. Weekend are for review. She  is allowing herself days off for recovery and surgeries but overall she is committed.  So on top of all the pill, and pain and drainage tubes, she has decided to come out of this with her passions ablaze and talent to burn!

Her theory is that the six months will come and go regardless.

And she wants the flight of her phoenix to be glorious. And with the sky above and the earth beneath, she is determined to the flames within her and bring her new light to the world. As her mom, I couldn’t be more proud.

If she can do it, so can you.

Live your passion and seek what makes you burn the brightest. Grab today and reach for a passion within you. Because with fire in your soul and grace in your heart…you are limitless. But you must choose to start the journey. Start now.

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  1. Linda Udy

    This is an amazing story of a very difficult journey. We all need to have positive plans to move forward through these trying times . Prayers for you & your daughter🙏🙏🙏🕯Thank you 🌟🌟

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Thanks Linda for your comment. You’re right, it has been an incredibly difficult journey for our whole family. But we rise every single morning determined to be “Crazy Brave & Wicked Strong” We will not allow this to dampen our joy. And in memory of our daughter who passed we are committed to continue to live our lives to the very fullest…as that is what she would want. The last week of her life she actually said to me, “Don’t waste too much time grieving, Mom…please.” And now , our youngest daughter Cindy is facing every morning with the same attitude. As their Mom, I couldn’t be more proud!

  2. Jan Wiesen

    Your story touches my soul. I recently had a surprise unplanned emergency surgery and it is so hard not to say, “poor me”. I need to stay slowed down and give myself time to heal. It has been challenging. I keep my eyes on Him and try to look at what is working for me.

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Good for you Jan. And what a blessing that life all around has in fact slowed down giving you the opportunity to take the time. I hope you heal quickly from your surgery too. Keep your eye on the vision of you once again being well, healed and revived.

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