Imagine the Best Possible Version Of You

Comfort Zones Halted our Living!

During the pandemic, out of self preservation, we created very defined areas we called our comfort zone. We firmly but lovingly kept people away. We built ourselves a safe, little nests and hunkered down.

Our old idea of “Real Living” ended 18 months ago.Imagine the Best - Snack Mat - Hi-RES

Well, if this last 18 months of dealing with Covid has taught me anything its that total hibernation is not really my thing. Yet at the same time I am very aware that the virus is real. I’ve had too many family and friends get really REALLY sick from it! I feel very blessed indeed that personally my husband and i have been spared. My kids were not so lucky. But all are well now.

A new normal begins…

There is a new normal in our world and rather than continuing to hunker down and do nothing, it’s time to reach out of our comfort zone and reengaged life.  So while many feel comfortable getting out and about, others with high vulnerability and compromised immune systems  (like me!) still need to be cautious. But that is not permission to allow your world to take on a gloomy shade of beige.

What are your possibilities?

It’s time to regroup. So close your eyes and envision the woman who is the very best version of you. What are her hopes, her dreams, her passions? What are her strengths, talents… what is her superpower? What is the very best heroine you can imagine her to be?  The pandemic may have dampened that but it’s still the real you… it’s who you really are.  That is what you are capable of. And that is the stuff you are made of.

And now is the time to let go of any part of you that doesn’t embrace that brilliant vision. Shed the camouflage you’ve used to hide these past 18 months and let the real, imperfect, magically radiant, and truly exceptional woman you are emerge shining gloriously like the noonday sun. Your new image, glowing from within, will also empower others to do the same.

It’s Time to Leave Your Comfort Zone

We must be  part of the change the world so desperately needs. We’ve all become too complacent. There are so many ways we can reach out of our comfort zone and contribute to the world, and in the process, expand our own. There is a magical world of possibilities out there that are our for the taking. Schools and colleges are ramping up and have truly nailed the abilities to take online courses. The internet has made it easy to learn new skills, hobbies and even languages. All public libraries now offer  books and audio online for free. Its time to expand your mind!

Other ways to leave the comfort zone we’ve all built.

If  that’s not your thing, choose to make a difference in other people lives by picking up the phone and calling someone who you know is feeling shut in… or if even that is too much for you, write them a note. (EVERYONE loves real mail!… Start with a hand written note.)   Really, it can be that simple!

Or venture out into the unknown.

If you’re healthy enough to safely venture out, there a multitude of ways to make the world a better place. Volunteer at a food bank, a hospice thrift store, or an animal shelter. There are an abundance of charities that are desperate. (You’ve seen how businesses struggle to get paid help… well charities are in way worse shape!)
Or make the world a better place by making yourself a better person. Sign up for a college course, an adult education class or or even a jazzercise, hula or pickleball class.

Become the Best Possible Version Of You

Your plan is your call. How you step out of your comfort zone is your choice, just do it.  It’s time to embrace the best possible version of your and show the world who you really are and what you’re made of. The fact is, you are an incredible woman with a kind heart and a keen mind and you are limitless! It’s time to own that image. And do it now. Because if this pandemic has taught us ALL anything, it’s that life is short! Live it!