The Difference Between An Ordeal & An Adventure

…or How I Drink Green Sludge Everyday & Be Happy About It. 
I believe with all my heart that if I want to have an incredible day, it’s my responsibility to make it happen. But getting started each day used to be tough for me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a morning person. So I did a major attitude adjustment. You may find it surprising that now, I actually get up every morning 5:30 AM…sometimes even earlier. You see, I created a morning ritual that I so love that it’s worth getting out of bed for. Here’s my plan: I get up and I do nothing…sorta. For me it starts by fixing my plant based, green sludgy smoothie that even after 2 years it’s still quite difficult to gag down. (It’s truly gross!) But I have learned a couple of things that make it easier. One is that it’s best if I drink it as cold as possible. The second is to pair it with something that I love. So, I pour it into one of my double walled premium tumblers that keeps my drink super-duper cold and then I sit on my porch swing and watch while everyone else goes for their morning walk on the beach. (The thought of exercising and drinking the sludge is just too much so I just watch the morning walkers on the beach!) I absolutely love watching people and combined with the swinging that is soooo calming and meditative for me, I’m practically in heaven. The time on my swing allows me to slowly think through and get ready for my day. As soon as I get the sludge down, then and only then, do I get to eat my favorite thing…a big bowl of fresh mangoes! Getting up early allows me to move as slow as I want and the routine changed my whole perspective about it. For me it works. The important thing is that I have a ritual that is healthy, both heart and soul. It turns what was once ordeal into a wonderful moment of calm reflection. And even on the worst of days, it encourages me to play in the puddles rather than complain about the rain. It sets me up to make the day ridiculously amazing. The small act of allowing myself this time is truly one of my favorite things.

Bottom line, if you are not getting out of bed each morning looking forward to making it a great day, try doing what I did:

  1. Change your routine. Go to bed an hour earlier and get up an hour earlier. (Ben Franklin really was onto something when he said “Early to bed, early to rise…)
  2. Create a ritual that brings you joy in that extra hour you’ve gleaned.
  3. Decide to change your attitude. Because if you change nothing, nothing will change.

So tell me, what are you doing that helps you to make each day ridiculously amazing?