Real Living Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends

For me, a “Life Worth Loving”  means I’m learning something new.

I absolutely cannot stand to be still — not learning something new and stretching out to new horizons. My latest obsessions I dare not even mention lest my hubby sees this post, rolls his eyes at me and remarks “Because you have nothing to do? Really, Suz? Okay fine, I’ll tell you. I’m trying to learn an obscure, seldom used, new language. But I’m drawing the line at telling you which one as I don’t want you to think I’ve really flipped. But I’m determined to do it. (No, it’s not Klingon!)

I’m not crazy… not by the literal definition anyway.

When I get into something I tend to go overboard and often jokingly get accused of being a bit OCD about it. I agree that I am a bit crazy over whatever I throw myself into, but I prefer to call it PASSION! When I decide to do something I am all in… until I am not! Once I have either mastered it or given it enough of a chance to see if I really do want to pursue it, I’m committed heart and soul. I usually approach such opportunities very spontaneously and trust my gut. There are no gray areas in my life.

I don’t live in a Wishy-Washy World

Once I take on the challenge, the last thing I want is to let the new idea become stagnant and stale and be crowned the “Queen of Wishy-Washy”… a questionable honor that in my mind rewards over thinking, over working, and over planning.  Sometimes I literally suck the life right out it. I’ve personally witnessed once brilliant ideas flame out so fast you’d think the sky just opened up and a tropical downpour followed!

For me, real living begins where my comfort zone ends. Sometimes we Wonderful Wacky Women just need to trust our gut, seize the moment, jump in.  We need to learn to swim on the way up and decide to be all in. Sure, a bit of craziness and chaos can follow, but don’t give up if you think things are falling apart. There’s a good chance they’re actually falling into place.

Don’t just seize the day… attack it with enthusiasm!

Creating and living a life worth loving for me includes this kind of passion. Maybe your idea of a life worth loving is exactly the opposite of mine. If that is the case, simplify and make that happen. Our ideas can be totally different, but I do believe that either way, it’s up to us to create world we want. And I believe it takes commitment either way.

So be loyal to the royalty within you. Live your life so fully that your title will be for something brilliantly meaningful like the Goddess of Spontaneity, the Princess of Passion, or the Queen of Crazy Ideas. Now put on your crown and show the world exactly who they’re dealing with!

Okay, I’ll tell you.

After the illegal overthrow of the Monarchy of Hawai’i  in 1893, the language was hushed and English-only signs where erected. According to the University of Hawai’i, in 1963 only 32 island children under the age of 18 spoke the language. Even though there were a lot of older people who could still speak, the language was dying and nearly extinct.

Beginning in the mid 1960’s there has been a resurgence in the language and culture. As a child I was one of the first groups of children in a language immersion program and learned quite a bit. I took it for granted that I could converse with my fellow students. Eventually, over the years I all but forgot the ability to have a conversation in Hawaiian. Even basic interpretation was difficult for me. But I’m in the process of changing that. Today there are about 24,000 people who can proficiently communicate the language. I intend to become the 24,001-st

Now tell me…what does a life worth loving look like to you?

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  1. Ruth Simpson

    You are so inspiring. In the last three years l divorced my husband of 43 years and pretty much lost everything because I just didn’t want to fight anymore for my half because my ex decided to accuse our sons of harassment, which wasn’t true, so that I would let him have everything. Which I did! Our sons should never have had to choose between their parents! I never intended that to happen, but things were more important to my ex than his children. After reading about the loss of your daughter and how you were able to grieve and still keep such a positive outlook, I realized that I got the golden ticket from my divorce, my sons! They have helped me get back on my feet and move forward. I also retired from my job of 36 years. It has been a very scary transition for me and I am still trying to figure things out, but when I read your posts and your calendar, that I love 💕 I feel a little more positive each day. Life is not easy but I take it one day at a time and you have helped me believe in myself a little more each day. I realized, because of you, that we are blessed and sometimes we have to look extra hard for that blessing, but with time, it just smacks me in the face and my heart feels the love that is all around me…Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!

  2. Gail Kelsall

    Love your Blog!! Love all your products!!
    I see you daily in my wall calendar!! You make me smile, laugh and feel good!! I have purchased a lot of your products – I have a Gift closet!! Everyone I give your products to just loves them!! Thank you for being you and Thanks for bringing joy and happiness into my life!!!

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