This is Our Year to Be Unstoppable!

OK, so January is officially over.

I started out to have a Magnificent year. It took a swift and unexpected turn and I found myself struggling to read my compass. The death of my daughter after a 6 year battle with breast cancer came sooner than we expected. We knew her fight was nearing its end, but how I now realize, with her weakened immune system it suddenly was over.  I never want to relive January 2020. As I now take a deep breath and try to access the fallout, I am feeling  a lovely breeze as all those New Year’s resolutions flew by you and right out the window.  Never before in my life have I felt the need to regroup like I do now.

Being Magnificent doesn’t just happen… it’s a it’s an evolutionary process.

Although there is something magical about putting your best foot forward at the beginning of a fresh new year, as shown  to my by the last two weeks of my life,  it’s easy to get sidetracked. But I don’t want to fall into the trap of telling myself that this wasn’t meant to be “my” year. And now, as I try to embrace my life over again, I refuse to start believing that maybe I don’t have what it takes. Because that’s just plain wrong.

Maybe I haven’t accomplished everything I set out to do in life in the last 30 days. Big deal. Whether your last 30 days have been as horrific as mine or just a little off balance, we are still extraordinary beings with immeasurable potential. And even if we’re not exactly where we hoped we would be, we need to understand this: over-the-top amazing people don’t just happen, they evolve… one step at a time.

Best part is that it’s not a race!

There is still plenty of time this year to put our dreams into action, because we can start over any day we choose. So, regroup, reorganize, and rethink those resolutions. In the process, we just may come up with an even better plan filled with more magic, sparkle, and shine than you ever dreamed before. And now, having survived the worse nightmare any parent goes through, I have emerged ready to tell both God and the world that nothing will stop me from pressing forward with faith and conviction to light up the world. I still believe that life is what we make it and I intend to make it ridiculously amazing and nothing can stop me.

It really is a good year to make your life and your actions into a story worth telling. Join me and start now!

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  1. Andra Morris Ellis

    Blessings to you in the midst of your heart felt challenges and grief Suzy 💛💛💛💛

    May you be filled with peace and joy each moment 😇

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Thank you Andra, I feel the tide turning and no find joy and happiness in remembering her instead of it instantly bringing me to tears… I feel Gods love, my daughters love and the love of my family and friends… and I cherish it all…Suzy

  2. Rachel

    Beautiful inside and out Suzy,

    Keeping you in thoughts, prayers and close in heart. You are an inspiration to so many. Crazy brave and wicked strong you are. Thank you for all that you share with others in words, ideas and products. You ARE amazing. thank you for touching my life! Rachel

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Thank you Rachel… My crazy brave and wicked strong has been put to the test… but I am determined to walk the talk! Suzy

  3. Judy

    Loved you and your designs for years. Brought some of your products for a nurse friend when she turned 50. We did her up right Red Hat Party. We designed our hats and brought unique gifts. You were part of what I have her. Thank you. I only have one wish and that is more for nurses. There are a lot of us out always looking and collecting nurse products.
    Again Thank you for celebrating women. We are all unique and need to support each other everyday.

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Thank you Judy… I truly love the men and women who have dedicated their life to healing. That’s really what my print “She With Healing Hands” pays tribute to. I am especially grateful of the amazing love they showed our daughter through her cancer. And the hospice peeps, well they are just the greatest gift.

      You are all angles in disguise.

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