Maybe You’re the Lighthouse in Someone Else’s Storm

“Some journeys I never intended to sail.”Lighthouse Image

These next few weeks in my life I will be facing some very difficult days. But I believe with all my heart that the storms of my past that I have weathered have proven the strength of my sails. Those gale force winds have made me the “crazy brave and wicked strong” woman I am. The last few years I have sailed many a journey I would have never dreamed were mine to sail, but sail them I did. And just like all trials we face, I simply had no choice. The storms kept coming one after another. And I kept my bow pointed into the wind.

“The tempest kept raging.”

If you are anything like me,  as each storm begins to calm down, I find myself looking towards the horizons. I can almost hear the call of the winds begging me to calm the next coming squall and save others from their tempest as well. But at this very moment, as I brace myself for the coming thunder, I am beginning to realize that maybe I have been reading my compass wrong? But like the sirens song, the call has been so tempting. Over and over I just want to jump into the captain’s seat, steer them to a safe harbor, and spare them the jagged rocks along the way. But does that really save them from life’s next storm? Just as a smooth sea would never a good sailor make, have they learned to navigate their own course amid the waves?

Maybe our true calling is to simply be their lighthouse.

When we face such flurries, perhaps the challenge  becomes ours as we find the courage to stand still amid the fury and illuminate their course. A lighthouse doesn’t go out and rescue ships. It’s a pillar of light that shines like a beacon, slicing through the abyss. It allows others to throw off their bowlines, sail away from the safety of the harbor, and learn to hone their own skills.

When you and I stand as the lighthouse in someone else’s storm, our only job is to shine brightly on rock solid ground, reach out into the darkness, and lovingly guide them home.

It’s the hardest thing I have ever done. As I plead for your thoughts and prayers to be with me in the coming days,  I am committed to stand on this firm foundation and keep shining on.

I am a lighthouse. Please help me keep my lamp lit.


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  1. Nancy

    Wishing you grace and peace in abundance as you sail ahead.
    Know that God has a plan for you and trust in him as hard as it may be.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much Love,

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Thanks Nancy. And yes, trusting in God and leaning not upon my own understanding is the key. And now I can honor our daughter by sailing into the Sunset knowing that at the end of my life, seeing her will be my reward! I no longer fear death…Suzy

  2. Tina Gallagher

    This is amazing!! My prayers are with you!! You’re an inspiration to all of us and may The Lord be with you in your time of need.
    Thank you for this blog today…. I needed these words.

    May Heavenly Father bless you at this time.

  3. Grace Kizer

    My prayers are with you and your loved ones who may share the challenges of this trying time. The lighthouse has always been the symbol of my foundation representing my strength and fortitude. I have always said that the storms of life can try to break me, but I stand firm (like a lighthouse) when the winds of chaos, doubt, and fear encompass my world. I breathe in slowly and deeply, lock my both feet solid as a rock and put my face forward to the wind until the waves finally calm and settle into a peaceful rhythm.. Though I have often, for many years, been the guiding light for many of those in my life both professionally as a counselor and personally with friends, family and loved ones, I always remind myself that I too, as strong as I am or can be, need the same support and light I give to others, just as the rocks that holds a lighthouse onto its solid ground. You may not be the captain of their ship, but you can always be their guiding light as they go through the darkness of their journey. The direction they sail is up to them.
    I give you my prayers and share my “light” of hope, faith and love to help you through these troubled times. You are not alone.
    Let God, Let Love. 🙂

  4. Shauna

    Prayers going up for you and your family during this journey. No, we never ask for these trials, but as long as we are this side of this heaven, we’re gonna get them. All we can do is keep steering and looking to His light to guide us. Shine on sister!

  5. Kerry Godwin

    I enjoy your inspirational messages so much. They have calmed my soul. Thank you Suzy. 😊

  6. Gail Kelsall

    I love your Blog!! I see myself in your words! I struggle daily with chronic pain issues. Some days, I truly feel lost in a storm. I have purchased a lot of your wonderful products, and they make me smile and giggle! So, you are very therapeutic for me! I have your 2020 planner and 12×12 calendar! So I visit with you daily!! Thanks for being my therapist!!!

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