Are You Ready to Stop What You’re Doing and Start Living?

Have you ever noticed how few people really live their lives?  They just seem to go through  the motions, always waiting for next week or next month to give them a sense of relief.

It’s a trap that’s far too easy to fall into.

I see it all around me. They get so caught up into their routines that they don’t even notice that there so much more of life to experience and all they need to do is open the door. Sure, life gets busy, but not only are we setting patterns for our own life, our family and friends are watching and learning to follow our lead. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the message we are sending.

Start Now.

So right this very second, stop what you’re doing and start living. Let go of the chaos and choose to fully embrace every minute of your life.

Proclaim today as your day and this very instant as your moment for the taking. This day will never come again. Next week  will still come,  deadlines will fly by, and appointments will come and go, but by tomorrow… today will be gone forever.

So take a deep breath, choose to shake things up, kick off your boots and LIVE!