Ten Things God Wants you to Remember

I did a live video post on Facebook and have had so many people ask me about the list of Ten Things God Wants Us to Remember About Living Plan B. They are also available on the back of this fun tumbler to be a daily constant reminder. Here is my list:

1. You can do anything you put your mind to.
2. Life’s most important lessons are often learned
at the most inconvenient times.
3. You were born to shine — illuminate the world.
4. You need to forgive everyone everything.
5. Be nice — you’ll never regret being too kind.
6. Let your life define the word integrity.
7. No one has ever become poor
by giving of themselves.
8. You will rise by lifting others.
9. Do as much as possible & then
trust God with the rest.
10. And the most important thing
God wants you to know is that, yes,
life is a test and you are passing it
with flying colors!

Now go out there and embrace Plan B!