It’s Time to Create Enthusiasm

Let Go of  the Apathy & Complacency That Has Plagued You!Work of Heart - mouse pad

This last year has had its challenges. We hunkered down to be safe and adapted. But now, after over a year of this, many have fallen into an apathetic state and complacency has become their default setting.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many women I have chatted with who laugh about not getting dressed for days and wearing even shine of lip gloss is no longer a part of their world.(Why bother, they think!) Many have even neglected keeping their basic household chores up and complain they no longer hold any enthusiasm for their future. Bottom line: They’re nurturing a life they really don’t want and they are achieving their goal. They no longer have a life worth loving.

Well, it needs to stop now before it gets any worse!

It’s time to make new goals. Write them down and tape them to the frig if needed. Decide right now  what you want your future to look like. Now, put it in writing, doodle it in pictures or blog it on your computer… I don’t care, but assess your life and look towards your future.

It’s time to pick up where you left off a year ago

Choose to make your life a masterpiece. Design it with desires and dreams.   Plan it with power and purpose. Color it with creativity and compassion and forge it with family and friends… even if they are still at an distance. Envelop it with energy and enthusiasm and wrap it all up with warmth, and wonder.  If that’s not your thing, paint it with laughter, roll it in sequins and glitter, and string it up with a kajillion of those little sparkly, twinkle lights. Either way, you can’t go wrong.  Just make sure you do it.

You control every minute of this day. Choose to make it count towards the life you want to create.

(Now go put on some lipstick and start rocking your world.)