Kindred Spirits Forever Wacky Friends – Hardcover Book

5.1 x 0.5 x 7.2 inches — 44 pages – Hardcover book.

Stories included:

  • Wonderful Wacky Girlfriends… That’s Us!
  • Kindred Spirits, Forever Wacky Friends
  • Anyone Who Says She Doesn’t Need a Girlfriend Just Hasn’t Found a Good One yet
  • More Than Friends… We’re Sisters by Choice!
  • Gathering of the Goddesses
  • Let’s Make Some Waves …and Really Rock the World!
  • Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of Chocolate
  • Numbers Don’t Tell You Anything About the Amazing Woman Inside
  • Put on Some Lipstick and Go Rock the World
  • Some of us were just Born with Glitter n our Veins
  • My Favorite stories always start like this: “So, My Wacky Best Friend and I…”
  • My Dear Friend, together we’ve learned that when life becomes a roller coaster, the best plan is to climb into the front seat, throw our arms in the air, and enjoy the ride!
  • LEGENDS in Our Own Minds
  • Top Ten Reasons Why You’re Such a Great Friend
  • I Really Think You Are Over-the-top amazing, and I want to tell everyone I Know
  • I’m So Grateful to Have a Friend like You
  • We Will Forever Be Friends to the End
  • It’s So Wonderful to Have a Wacky Friend Like You


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Every woman needs a kindred spirit in life: someone who just gets you and will be there for you no matter what. When you find this forever friend, the bond you create is immediate, deep, and lasting. In this heartwarming book, we celebrate the gift of an unconditional and unending friendship. Suzy knows firsthand what a blessing it is to have a great girlfriend to laugh and cry with and whose love and acceptance can always be counted on. This colorful and wacky collection explores the power of sisterhood and what it means have a friend through thick and thin. It is the perfect way to let a very dear friend know your connection is forever and always.

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