I Did Not Sign Up to Be Mediocre… And Neither Did You!
  • Let’s Choose to Be Magnificent!

It’s time to embrace once and for all that we Wonderful Wacky Women just don’t have what it takes to sit back and be average. We did not sign up to be ordinary or to live a mundane existence, content to sit quietly and watch the world drift by. Life is not a spectator sport, and we were born to be all in! With wings to soar, we only need to muster the courage to leap towards the possibility that we just might fly!

  • Be Uncommon. Be Unpredictable. Be Magnificent!

It doesn’t mean that we carelessly jump off cliffs hoping our dreams take flight. But rather we embrace the opportunity to expand our horizons, experience life. In the process, we can then become all we can be.

Let’s run as fast as we can towards our dreams, seize every chance we get, and launch ourselves into the vast, open realm of possibilities. You see, it really comes down to us versus our comfort zones. Are we willing to gamble on greatness rather than spend our days trapped in some kind of mediocre life? The worst scenario is that after we take off we may have to endure a bumpy landing or two, or chart out a new flight plan and start all over again. But we can handle that, right?

  • Start Today!

So let’s forget those people who tell us to play it safe. Life is meant to be lived and to be loved. Join me in 2020 and together let’s choose to be magnificent!