This New Life Is like a Puzzle With Some of the Pieces Missing.

Suzy's PuzzleLooking out the window just now it’s hard to believe how different the world is from just a month ago. It’s still just as beautiful to the eye. It’s almost like looking at a landscape puzzle, full of beautiful, exciting colors and shapes that piece together the magnificently orchestrated masterpiece before us. But then, right in the middle of taking it all in, we suddenly discover that some of the most critical pieces are missing — gobbled up by Covid 19.

Just thinking about it, much less actually living it, is frustrating beyond belief! It seems like the whole landscape of our lives is suddenly destined to be unfinished… ruining the composition along with any chance of it ever being complete. It can easily leave us staring into the abyss with a blank look on our faces wondering what to do next.

It’s easy to get frantic and try to fill in the blanks.

At times it’s tempting to try awkwardly forcing the proverbial square peg into a round hole. But what if these missing pieces are actually great opportunities waiting to be fulfilled in new, exciting, and ingenious ways? What if, instead, life is somehow cryptically offering us the chance to tell our own story and paint the picture in our own unique way?

Is it possible that this is a tipping point?

What if this is exactly the moment in time for which we were created? Could it be that our next brainstorm is exactly what our circle of influence needs to change for the better? Is there any chance that we are looking at this all wrong?

Where do we start?

Right now we all have needs beyond a few extra bucks in our pocket. What needs do you, your family and friends have? Make a list. (My list is a full page long of small type.) Now start writing down every possible wacky solution you can think of, no matter how off the wall it seems. Most solutions lie outside the box.  Creativity and imagination grow line upon line, precept upon precept. And soon you will see them. The answers and the missing puzzle piece will be there.  Within you and me is the power to change and adapt — not only our lives, but the lives of our family and friends. We just have to do it.

Looking at it from this new perspective, the challenge becomes fun and we can look forward with anticipation to those wide open spaces… the ones that allow us to create a life we’ve always wanted… a life truly worth loving.  We can do this.  Especially now when life is so uncertain. Just try.

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  1. Suzi Warren☀️

    I also believe this is a good time to take a step back and help others. Slow down, spend time with family, put our phones aside. Talk to each other again. Reach out to an elderly neighbor who is in need. write a letter to an old friend and maybe make amends or even a family member. Pull out old photos and share with your families of who those people were to you and scrapbook them. Take a deep breath and look around, it doesn’t matter how many FB friends you have, or likes you get. Is your heart at piece ❤️ Are you content in life. Go out everyday and make someone smile. It’s free and so easy! ☀️ Be the sunshine ☀️

    1. Suzy Toronto

      Yes Suzi, I couldn’t agree more. Especially the phone thing! I think a lot of folks are being fed such depressive news by having their phones in their faces all day. And yes, “Be the Sunshine!” (Maybe i need to do a piece on that!)

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